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Kings College - Cambridge
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What we do

TranslationBoxs team of translators includes native speakers, not only of the five main European languages but also of:

Arabic          Greek         Japanese         Serbo-Croat
Czech          Iranian (Farsi)         Russian         Turkish

We also have the resources to translate most of the other major languages of the world from or into English.
We specialise in academic documents but our team also has the experience and flexibility to cover the following areas:

        Business proposals, letters and reports.
        Scientific and technical documents.
        Contracts and other legal documents.
        Tourist brochures and articles.
        Textbooks, manuals and instruction leaflets.
        Websites designed for the foreign market.
        Marketing, publicity and brochures.
        Articles written for specialist journals.

We guarantee fidelity and accuracy of translations, undertaken with careful and professional research and offered in a variety of formats, at affordable prices and in accordance with agreed deadlines.